Next Chapter

It’s easy to bury yourself in a hole, a burrow of your own creation where it’s safe to look out but you yourself never have to be seen. The internet particularly is a warren of twisted tunnels that all connect but seldom seem to lead anywhere. Where it is possible to read, watch, and gawk, poking your head out occasionally to leave an anonymous comment or an even more ephemeral “click” or page view.

Real life can be a burrow too. One where you become so focused on the daily routine, the List that is impossible to finish. To come out of your burrow seems impossible, impractical, perhaps even a waste of precious time.

My burrow has been lined with old plaster and lath, joint compound, and cut off lengths of two-by-fours. We bought a house last May. A really old (1850) house that needed a huge amount of love. Balancing renos with family life and the day in, day out jobs of a stay-at-home dad has been quite a challenge. With the breakneck pace of it all, it has been hard to poke my head out of my burrow and spend time here sharing it with you.

My community has been rocked by a horrible tragedy in the last few days, the details of which I’m not going to get into here. Suffice to say it is nightmare material. And where the tragedy has nothing directly to do with this post, it has torn at my heart and made me acknowledge that I want to choose connection over disengagement and sharing over hiding. This invention of the internet has done a lot do degrade our social structure, while at the same time making it possible to reach people who we otherwise never could. The fact that my son can have weekly face-to-face time with his grandparents who live on the  the other side of the continent is truly a marvel. I hope that this blog can be a positive place too.

Over the next weeks and months I’m going to try to go back to last May and share the story of our new home. I wasn’t always the best at taking progress pictures, so some of the posts might be a little sparse, but as the year progresses and I catch up with the current time, I hope to do a better job of documenting the things we’re doing in case the process might be interesting or helpful to any of you. Peppered throughout I’ll still be doing posts on recipes and non-sequitur thoughts as they come to me, and hopefully those will be fun too.


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