Facebook Guilt Posters

So you’ve all seen them before, little messages that people share on Facebook, modern versions of chain letters. They usually sound something like this:

-If you like puppies, share this-

Well no. I wish they were so benign. They usually go on to say:

-If you don’t share this, you must like kicking puppies-

Some of them even pile on further:

-Most of you won’t share this (puppy kickers) but my “real” friends will-


Just stop.

Don’t post them.

Don’t share them.

But why? What’s wrong with puppies?

Nothing. I like puppies as much as the next guy, but you need to know when you’re being manipulated. The language in these things is extremely manipulative. The best that can come of it, is that you feel warm and fuzzy for a moment. The worst, is that you just made one of your friends feel like a callous fiend (or a puppy kicker). Worse, it groups your friends into the haves, those who get guilted too, and the have-nots, those who obviously don’t like you enough to share.

The puppy example is actually much more tame than the real thing. Most of the ones that I see, relate to things like cancer, or other real life problems that make puppy kicking look like a sport in comparison.

So now, if I decide that I don’t want to spam my friends with this stuff, I’m into cancer.

WTF? I’m really not into cancer!

But it’s just Facebook. What’s the harm?

Probably the worst thing about the whole situation, is that it gives people a false sense of doing something good. You click share, avow your hate of puppy kicking, and go on with your day as a newly minted philanthropist.

What real good was actually done? You’ve been bullied into something with no tangible result.

Do you have something against cancer? Do something real. Donate to cancer research. Say a prayer. Eat more leafy greens so you won’t get it yourself. Do something real.

Just stop with the Facebook guilt posters.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Guilt Posters

  1. Jack says:

    I have to humbly disagree a bit on your post Patrick. Our family has been affected by Alzhiemers, cancer,autism, diabetes, and other mental and or physical disorders. If I re-post something about one of these, let’s say autism and 1 of my friends decides to look into what autism is and might even donate to look for a cure I don’t think there is a problem. It doesn’t make your computer slower or give you a virus and you need not respond but can just skim over to the next post. I got one from my sister about brothers, and while I know that she loves me it was pretty cool to me to see that she posted it and it really touched me. I do agree that some go way too far but others I think may be there for a reason, for me anyway.I don’t think people hold it against anyone who does not share because obviously it would be more out of control that it is. Just some of my thoughts but really enjoy your blog.

    • Patrick says:

      It’s awesome that you enjoyed the one you got from your sister. I took a minute to read it and I wish they were all so positive. Unfortunately, while looking at that one, I saw several others that contained the negative hook. “I know which of my friends will share this.” It just rubs me the wrong way.

      • Jack says:

        Yes you are right about that and yes people seem to get carried away with it. Some people may need that re-assurance but when they tell you that if you re-post you will get lots of cash after so many days or that your luck will change or whatever I agree it goes way over the edge. There are a lot of negative hooks on social media and I don’t know if a person will get away from them. Hopefully so!

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