Sandwich Journal: Kielbasa & Fried Egg

With all the yummy bread around, I’ve been making some awesome sandwiches. I think I’ll start a journal of all of them to share with you guys. Today was a kielbasa & fried egg sandwich with Cabot chipotle cheddar, topped with mayo and ketchup, on my Tartine-style bread. Mmmm…

Patrick camera 001


3 thoughts on “Sandwich Journal: Kielbasa & Fried Egg

  1. miker72 says:

    Looks VERY good. . . but it’s hard to tell from the picture – is that perhaps the ketchup I spy on that sandwich, or are those slivers of pepper (perhaps saute’ed with onion) that got left off the recipe. . . ?? Either way, looks very yummy!!

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